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from the eyes of a 20-something

Comparing herself to a modern day Walt Whitman, is this 20-something woman with the unquenchable thirst to write poems (hate mail really) dedicated to me.

Not surprisingly, it has highly-acclaimed critics raving about it. Here's what one has to say:
"Lolzzz... I'm lovin' it! :D Kudos to her! She's described you almost perfectly in so few sentences. I haven't managed to do so even after such a long time!"
- Ms. N in action

Without further delay, gentleladies and gentlemen, here's:

Alok, I HATE you!

Alok, you make me choke,
and you can't even make a joke.
You get annoyed when I poke,
and your smelly feet need a soak.
You eat noodles with a fork,
and your laugh sounds like a croak.
Alok, Alok, Alok...

You don't smoke,
and you're a dumb bloke.
If you don't save money,
soon you'll be broke.
You drink Pepsi, not Coke;
you'll become stronger if you eat an egg yolk.
I feel like hiding you in an invisibility cloak!
Alok, Alok, Alok...

- Ms. C Elliot