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shit happens

This one's for the guys who came over for lunch yesterday:

Having the b'loos'? Any oxymoronic feeling of having the runs while sitting down? (Tummy) upset over a shitty experience? Or even, the lyrics of '(I've Had)The Time of my Life' from the (s)hit movie 'Dirty Crapping' or 'Can't fight this feeling' going through your mind? Then come, let's raise a stink about this together!

Our tummies underwent great injustice yesterday. And the world should know we won't take this s(h)itting down!

Today, after our tummies settle, let's meat inside Shruti's biggest loo and show our 'soil'darity towards the cause of 'shit happens' (previously called 'can't fight for shit'), before logging the crap out of whoever is responsible. Until then, those with wifi and the OCD to take their laptops into the loo, can fill in my online poll to pass their time (and some gas).

As intimated by sms, please get your own toilet rolls or adult diapers. Ammunition will be provided in the form of Ceplox TZ, Imodium and Dependal. Choose your weapons wisely. Bottles of Harpic are more than welcome.

Please call our dedicated potline (1800-shit-happens) to address all your grievances.

What do you think was inside that curry?

Or if you have any other view (of the poll only please), please share it with us by leaving your comments.