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unlucky by chance

"Love hurts, but sometimes it's a good hurt..."

Brandon Boyd (the vocalist of Incubus) couldn't have sung anything truer in 'Love Hurts'.

Love really hurts - not just your heart (bad!)... but your whole dang body as well (worse!!).

So what's this tirade all about anyway?

Sigh! If you must know.

Love pushed me to the gym.

And the cause of this epitome of my pain? Addlife.

All you out-of-shapes-who-newly-joined-a-gym out there must understand what I'm going through by now.

And when did this start?

Ironically, when monkey and I went to see 'Luck by Chance'.

Yours truly was contemplating joining the gym... cummon, everyone has - Hetch, Moto Moto, Uncle Pai, Papa Bear - and I didn't want to feel left out. So I turn to ask monkey's view on it.

Ooops, I couldn't have choosen a worse time!

Our highness was busy drooling at Hritik & Farhaan's topless (and hopefully CGed) bodies. She managed to peel her eyes off the screen to take a look at the chewed up toothpick sitting next to her.

Next thing I know, she's nodding yeses like a epileptic having fits!

And now I've condemned myself to eternal damnation (or 'gymnation' :S).

Unlucky by chance indeed! :(

Edit: Me love's given me something to mend my heart and body with... Volini! :D