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hay! now this is a nice thought!

According to my office mom's ex CD (who might have heard it from someone):

Serendipity is like searching for a needle in the haystack, and finding the farmer's daughter!

the assumption song - it ALMOST got a parental rating :D

I'm not saying anything. Just click here. And don't assume anything! ;)

is god really in the details?

Yesterday, while on the way to the Deccan 1/4 Mile Drag (race, not queen), 'Reserve' had one of his once-in-a-blue moon epiphanies.

How come there were more Sai Baba Wine Shops than Sai Baba temples?

Which made me think; there were far too many wine shops named after Gods than temples themselves!

Conclusion: God is not in the details... He's in the distilleries!