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the sad taste of happy meals

And what brings this rant on at 3 o'-bloody-clock in the morning?

A wayward memory, that snuck into my dreams, sending my 'til now happy mood into a downward spiral. That lilliputian of a memory, which was stuffed deep down in some crevice of my mind, and which is why I am what I am now.

Now this is Zen talk on relationships (or their end?), so pay attention.

1. Never, ever, tell someone you're cheating on them over a happy meal. Not even the free toy will cheer them up. Even that smiling Ronald McDonald will seem to mock.

2. Trust no one but yourself. Give someone your shiny swiss knife, and you never know when they might stab your ass with it.

3. And, finally, be utterly selfish. That's the only way to get out unscathed the next time, if you are stupid enough to allow a next time.

Today, I'm happier than that happy meal. Happier than that shiny new toy. And happier than smug Mr. Ronald McDonald.

Very clich├ęd-ly, more than anything else, I have no regrets - of the dirty deeds I HAD DONE to bury my secret pain, or the dirtier deeds I pulled to do my dirty deeds.

But that memory is a part of my life I never want to take a trip down again. So will I ever let my guard down? Probably not, and it's probably not worth the pain anyway.

khalo jayanti!

Sandwich khalo
Burger khalo
Pork (with bamboo shoots) khalo
Idli khalo
Dosa khalo
Pav bhaji khalo
Pani puri khalo
Pomeranian kutta bhi khalo

Par aaj, thoda cake khalo!

Happy Birthday Welou Khalo!