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bullet mein mil gaya - i rode, i scored and i conq'her'ed!

With "The man with 3 b***ls" (read here) already running houseful from Lakdi-ka-pul to Leh, here's its prequel, another blockbuster from our production company - Creative Briefs. This one's called - "Bullet mein mil gaya - I rode, I scored and I conqHERed!".

The plot
Hetch and Bullet standing on mountain top, one peeing off cliff, and the other leaking oil. Cute kitten in uniform passes by in 4x4. Hearing racket of the Juggernaut, Hetch and Bullet turn around... and while one cracks lens of his "authentic" Oakleys, the other squirts engine oil all the way into the next valley. It was love at great height! Love enough to make them stop picking up men.

They both vie for her attention, from performing wheelies up Magnetic Hill, to cartwheels down Rothang Pass. But she is oblivious to our heroes' advances. And so they persevere even more. One fateful night, Hetch hatches a hideously ingenious plot to get her heart. They kidnap and subject her to techniques from the bestselling 'Hyderabadi Nawabs - A Dummies guide to a royal torture', which include many deary sessions of hypnotism by steady humming of Bullet to Hetch slowly breaking her spirit by his psychobabble bullshit. At the end she gives in and joins their polygamy relationship.

Soon wedding bells ring across the mountains, and cold teeth chatter in rhythm. Both the heroes look handsome, one in a tuxedo, and the other with a trail of beer cans strung behind him. After they all share their holy kisses of matrimony, the threesome set into the sunset (who's riding who don't ask), one horning, and the other horny.

alole said...
June 17, 2008 at 7:08 PM  

your script/film can put Alfred Hitchcock to shame!! And Hetch, you'll beat Chirangivi in all possible angles here. You Bet!! :P

Sue said...
June 19, 2008 at 11:15 AM  

I love the first part of title....baingan me mila diya. haha.

alok yepuri said...
June 19, 2008 at 11:22 AM  

Ahem... it actually is closer to the Charminar auto drivers lingo... bulle mein mil gaya :p

The Hetch-specific phrase was come up by Bundu, when he fell off his bullet recently.

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