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where are the chickas maan?!

Scarcity is everywhere. From food in the lesser of the 3rd world countries, to water in the desert-laden ones. But IMHO, the greatest and most scarcest of scarcities is present in my very office - the scarcity of 'eligible' women.

We have women here... from the xs to the xxl sizes, but sadly none we can use as inspirations to write beautiful sonnets (or in our case, ads). Come to think about it, they were the reason I joined the ad industry in the first place! After seeing the quality (the whole mind, body and soul thing for those who think I'm shallow) of women in the Delhi and Mumbai agencies, and knowing many of them personally, I was eagerly looking forward to joining one when I got back to Hyderabad. In other words, it looked like a great opportunity to get laid in my hometown! Sadly, it all turned out to be a sham... a bloody seductive mirage!

If you ever notice, most of us working at ad agencies have big potbellies (thankfully I'm bestowed with a small one for now). People think it's just because we don't get any exercise due to our unearthly work hours. BUT that's far from the truth. I'm sorry to let out my Ad brothers' most well-hidden of secrets, but the reason for our so-called 'family packs' is the lack of beautiful women at our workplace. Without them, we don't have anybody to workout for and show-off fancy six-packs and bulging muscles. You might ask what about the women we meet in our social (a.k.a. out-of-office) interactions. Here is yet another bleak truth - people think ours is a glamorous industry, but sadly it's not so in Hyderabad. By the time we get out of work, the birds have already flown their roost to catch the second round of worms for the day. The only interaction we have with the beautiful entities of the opposite sex is through all the semi-porn links Hetch sends us, courtesy gtalk.

Thankfully there IS a saving grace... a threadbare silver lining for us poor sex-starved souls. When we do get to go clubbing on those once-a-bluemoon nights, it always pips the ladies interest if they know we work in an ad agency. They perceive us to be of the intellectual types - especially copywriters (unless, of course, if you happen to be J 'The Wicked'). So it gives us a narrow avenue to talk them eloquently into bed.

So what's you 'eligible' ladies take from all this? Simple! The next time you are out clubbing, and see that really cute bearded copywriter (NOT you Hetch!), a couple of shades under 6 feet, with sexy brown eyes and an irresistible smile, I say - DON'T THINK TWICE AND JUST DO HIM!

P.S.: I'm extremely lucky to have an understanding girlfriend, who has cured me of my philandering ways :p

whatmark said...
May 16, 2008 at 12:07 PM  

It's strange, but about the same time that you mention, a lot of Delhi Chicks started leaving advertising.

Disillusioned apparently.

Maybe it's just coincidence.

Sue said...
May 23, 2008 at 6:47 PM  

why i am not surprised that hetch is passing around semi-porn links to all of you in the office... lol

well, i'll tell you why the scarcity exists in your agency..its cos i am not here anymore..and no one cared when i was there...all you blind bats deserve this!

alok yepuri said...
May 23, 2008 at 6:53 PM  

If I was there when you were here, my dear, I'd go to the ends of the world to make sure you stayed back.

My heart aches for you every time I see our happy and 'gay' creative room.

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