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supari* for ekta kapoor anyone?

The perfect recipe for nuclear-riddled molotov cocktails to cause disasters of colossal magnitude to the Gen-Y. And Gentlemen and Gentlewomen, this was just an understatement.

I'm referring to the nauseating blend of ultra-shady K-serials bombarding Star Plus viewers. From senseless plots that stretch a 5-minute act to at least 30 minutes, to actors worse than me (I couldn't even pretend to be me :p) to the wretchedest of camera angles - you can find it all here.

The moral police talk about all our present generation brouhahas that are rotting our brains. They fail to see the biggest one contaminating their OWN generation... a Nazi-scale movement of K/Saas-Bahu/@#%$%$^& (fill in expletives of your choice) prime time serials propagated by Ekta Kapoor.

So why do I, along with my other self-respecting brothers and sisters, get so emotional about mere tv serials? I'll tell you why - it's because this form of propaganda influence housewives to the extent of them not only imitating the tasteless characters to perfection, but also start belting out treatment to others around them, the same way their 'idol' in the serial does. And the kind of bullshit 'family values' (which range from disrespecting wives, daughter-in-laws and grandmothers, to rape, to even hatching plots to take over family businesses) these serials encourage can give the whole human rights commission a heart attack! I've personally seen the drastic behavioural changes in everyone who have come into long-term contact with the diabolical 'Ks', from my friends moms, my aunts, to my grandma closer to home. Fuck the melting polar ice caps. Fuck the animals going into extinction. Fuck the greenhouse effect. I say, before saving the earth, we need to 1st save our Indian society from this plague!

So, everyone (or anyone) ready to pool in to get a supari* out on Ekta Kapoor? I think I can already hear a million "Me! Me!"

*For those in the dark, 'supari' is the Indian way of saying, "Shall we put a hit on her?". And for those who are still miserably lost, a 'supari' or a 'hit' is just another term for hiring a contract killer to do the needful.


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