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I AM IRONMAN! (or not)

I recently saw the much-anticipated and the latest in superhero flicks - Ironman. Though not as original (you need to read the strips to understand this) as its comics, I think it was pretty decent. And calling it pretty decent is a direct retaliation against the Garfield movie, which I thought was full of shit. The biggest hint being John Arbuckle - a lovable loser who can't get chicks in the comic strip - is a irresistible loverboy in the movie. He gets Jennifer Love Hewitt for heavens sake!

Ok, getting back to Ironman now. Mindblowing sfx (like all other American movies), stereotypical digs at bad Afghanis living in caves, a little Hindi, an absolutely brilliant performance by Robert Downey Jr. (who plays the role of Tony Stark, a.k.a. Ironman), and the icing on the cake - the modern instrumental rendering of Ironman by Black Sabbath. Waited for that the whole movie.

You should have seen the ladies go gaga over RDJ. According to them, he's just so juicy! I don't know what the hell that meant, but I'm sure he has plenty of man crushes too. Must ask J 'The Wicked' if he has one on RDJ :p

After the movie I randomly started thinking. Kids, and some guys who just refuse to grow up, fantasize about being superheroes - from Batman to Superman to Bananaman (one of those shady 5-minute cartoons that used to come between the regular cartoons) to the ugly guy from The Fantastic Four. Even I did too... I saw myself as Johnny Quest (he was a superhero of kinds too!). But sadly, I don't think anyone fantasized about being Ironman. Poor bugger... must have felt left out.

Just as randomly as the previous thought, here's another. I think the one thing that kicked most ass was Tony Stark's 'juicy' Audi R8! Fuck Johnny Quest, I think I'll become that tinman just to drive one of those babies!

alole said...
May 14, 2008 at 4:51 PM  

har har! i'm with the rest of the girls... RDJ in 'Ironman' was juicy!! like you 'd anything to take a bite of it!:P

Alok said...
May 14, 2008 at 4:54 PM  

A bite you said? Not me Welou, not me. Prolly if it were Gwyneth Paltrow I might think about it though :p

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